Find Balance. Eat Intuitively. Stop Worrying. End Confusion.

With an overload of information at our fingertips, being confused about health is commonplace. But it’s not just the overload, it’s also the fact that most of the health advice we see in magazines, or even hear from our doctors, isn’t true. It is based on diluted conclusions drawn from scientific studies that isolate variables to discover cause and effect.

If you want to eat and exercise to achieve more energy and do it without guilt and stress, I want to help you. I followed incorrect advice about diet for years on end, restricting my sodium, sugar, and simple carbohydrate intake, only to worsen my health (my upcoming book is all about this topic). I attempted to understand the science, and followed other experts who seemed to, but never had a framework for truly staying healthy long term.

You don’t need another supplement or another diet. You probably need to follow your intuition (while developing it), which simply involves paying attention.

With a free 15 minute consultation with me, I will look into your dietary and health belief systems to find areas where you may be limiting your health potential. I am not a licensed healthcare professional, but I can help you find a balance with your diet and exercise plan to help you develop a long term framework for staying healthy. Below are the various ways I may be able to help you with your diet, exercise, and overall lifestyle.


  • Intuitive dietary analysis
  • Remove guilt and stress
  • Understand restrictions and limitations
  • Create a balanced approach


  • Optimize your energy
  • Evaluate habits
  • Make a plan to increase your energy without stimulants
  • Accountability


  • Q/A regarding food & exercise
  • Empower your mindset
  • Discard rules and pseudoscience


Single sessions $60 + $20 follow-up lifestyle change outline and progress trackers

Monthly membership $200 - Four calls, once a week + $20 follow-up lifestyle change outline and progress trackers

Quarterly membership $550 - Twelve calls, once a week, +$60 follow-up lifestyle change outlines and progress trackers (one per month for three months).